How to Embed TokensFarm

This is a library that can be embedded on any URL to allow users to participate in a farm

How to Add

Include the following in your website's HTML code:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
// Some code

once script will be loaded window.TF object will be exposed. before use you need init with a valid params

  function initTokensFarm() {
	document.addEventListener('tf-farm-loaded', (event) => {
		// farm object to verify and determinate when farm is loaded
		// if you need to override any style color'--tf-emb-overlay-color', '#000000');
		dynamicId: '....', // dynamic environment id for wallet connectivity 
		id: 'embedded', // id of html element where you want to inject 
		farmType: 'lp', // farm type (you can find in
		nonce: 15, // farm nonce (you can find in
		token: 'XCAD', // farm tokenSymbol (you can find in
		darkMode: true // theme light/dark

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", (event) => {
	if (TF?.init) {
	} else {
		document.addEventListener('tf-loaded', initTokensFarm);

after farm object will be loaded you can open/close modal;

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