TokensFarm’s complete service includes listing on our marketplace, secured contract, cross-chain interoperability, UI Customization, and Live Human Support.

TokensFarm Supported Chains

We support all EVMs compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, Moon River, Fantom, and many more. View the complete list on our about page. Can’t locate the chain that you want? Contact us via email at hello@tokensfarm.com.

Cool-down / Warm-up Options

The Cool-Down feature is a pre-set waiting period from when the farmer requests a withdrawal of their staked tokens until they can receive them. The withdrawal consists of two actions - activation of the withdrawal and the withdrawal action after the cool-down period ends.

The warm-up feature is a pre-set waiting period from when a farmer stakes tokens until they start earning APY. The rewards are automatically added to the farmer’s staked balance once the set number of warm-up days is over.

Dynamic APY

Both TokensFarms LP farms and staking farms make use of a dynamic APY. The Dynamic APY calculates and adjusts the APY based on the number of farm participants and the number of tokens or TVL locked.

The fewer participants a farm has, the greater the rewards. Dynamic APY also works in vice versa, and the larger number of participants a farm has, the lower the APY. Currently, there is no limit to the number of participants using an LP or staking farm.


TokensFarm puts a heavy emphasis on security and understands its profound importance. As such, TokensFarm’s contracts have undergone a minimum of two independent audits. These audits were conducted by the biggest names in the world of blockchain security. For more information on the audits, please see the following links: Certik audit, Zokyo audit.


All LP farms and staking farms hosted on TokensFarm will be featured on TokensFarm’s marketplace. The marketplace is prominently featured on TokensFarm’s main page and includes dozens of active farms. TokensFarm’s website typically receives over 90k unique visitors per month. TokensFarm’s visitors usually have a lot of knowledge and interest regarding cryptocurrencies.

In addition, each farm, active or inactive, includes a “Get _____ Tokens.” The blank space is, of course, replaced with the project’s name. This button is featured on the header and is highly visible. The button allows farming enthusiasts to purchase a token that has a farm easily.

Live Support

TokensFarm’s website features live support by support representatives. Visitors can leave a message or contact a support bot if a support representative is unavailable. The support bot will assist with the majority of issues a user may have.

We also provide many guides and explanations on how to use TokensFarm, how to deploy farms and other valuable information.

Full Transparency

Transparency is critical when dealing with blockchain technology. TokensFarm’s website lists all details regarding farms and vesting contracts clearly and transparently. The farms clearly state the type of farm, the duration, APY, contract address, minimum requirements, and statistics.

All of the specific details can be easily analyzed and checked.

TokensFarm White Label

TokensFarm will supply crypto projects with any API endpoint for farms. Available APIs include the dynamic APY, the current TVL, the all-time-high TVL, and more which you can view here. We can assist with creating and embedment of custom API endpoints as needed. The APIs are embeddable and can be posted on any website as a banner or button.

$1 Fee Mechanism

Projects can choose to implement an additional ~$1 Tx fee (~$2 on Ethereum) on staking and LP farms. These fees will be accrued and equally redistributed (50 - 50) between the project and TokensFarm.

Alternative Token Rewards

Alternative token rewards allow projects to reward farmers with tokens different from those associated with the staking or LP farm, which usually is their native token. This feature can be especially useful for dApps or projects with multiple tokens in their ecosystem.

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