🔏Using Gnosis Safe

Some explanations how to connect gnosis wallets to Dcentralab apps

Create Gnosis Safe

First of all you should create a gnosis wallet in https://gnosis-safe.io/app/welcome (please keep in mind that gnosis is technically a contract and will be deployed on specified network, so you can't use same wallet in multiple networks and should create on each network another gnosis safe).

During creation you should answer for a few simple question + initialize contract (please notice that this is payable operation and you should have some funds for a network fee)

Select WalletConnect Safe App

After you have successfully created a gnosis safe you'll be redirected to dashboard. There please select Apps and WalletConnect and follow instructions

Get Tokensfarm WalletConnect Connection Code

Now go to any of our DcentraLab projects (e.g. https://tokensfarm.com, https://app.chainport.io, https://www.hord.fi/) and click Connect Wallet

Select WalletConnect and Click copy button (if you are on desktop)

Paste TokensFarm WalletConnect Connection Code in Safe App

And now you should paste this in your Safe App UI dashboard

That's It! You're Connected!

Go back to TokensFarm app and you should see an active connection with WalletConnect to your gnosis safe.

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