Description of all getters

  • getAllPendingStakes - it is returning array of all stakes that are waiting to be finalised

  • deposited - it is returning the deposited amount for specific stake

  • pending - it is returning the amount that user earned for specific stake

  • depositTimestamp - returning timestamp when specific stake was deposited

  • withdrawTimestamp - returning timestamp when is the last time when was stake consumed

  • totalPending - how much was given rewards from beginning till now

  • getNumberOfUserStakes - number of stakes for user

  • getUserStakesAndPendingAmounts - it is returning all stakes and all pending amounts for all of the stakes for user

* @return array of deposits,pendingAmounts,depositTime and warmupExpirations
  • getTotalRewardsLockedUnlocked - it is returning rewards that are locked and unlocked

  • getStatsForUser - it is returning all necessary info for user

* @return totalStakedCurrently
* @return totalEarnedForLifeTime
* @return currentPendingAmount
* @return currentBalanceToWithdraw

List of all getters with their signature

function getAllPendingStakes()
function deposited(address _user,uint256 stakeId)
function pending(address _user,uint256 stakeId)
function depositTimestamp(address _user,uint256 stakeId)
function withdrawTimestamp(address _user,uint256 stakeId)
function totalPending()
function getNumberOfUserStakes(address user)
function getUserStakesAndPendingAmounts(address user)
function getTotalRewardsLockedUnlocked()
function getStatsForUser(address _user)

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