• There is two way to make a deposit on contracts, depends if warmup is enabled or not

  • If warmupPeriod == 0 contract admin needs to make a deposit through function called ISDK(farmAddress).deposit()

    function deposit(address _user, uint256 amount)

    After that stake is remembered and user starts earning immediately

  • If warmupPeriod > 0 contract admin needs to make deposit through function called ISDK(farmAddress).makeDepositRequest

    function makeDepositRequest(
       address _user,
       uint256 amount

    After that warmupPeriod needs to pass in order for BE or contract admin to call function ISDK(farmAddress).finaliseDeposit

    function finaliseDeposit(
        address _user,    
        uint256 stakeId

    once that function is executed user can start earning rewards and his stakes i acknowledged

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