Description of all getters

getAllPendingStakes() returns (DepositRequest[] memory) - returns all stakes that are ready to be finalised
getAllPendingWithdrawals(address _user) returns (UnStakeRequest[] memory) - returns all stakes that are scheduled to be withdrawn
function pending(
    address _user,
    uint256 stakeId
)  returns (uint256) - returnes amount that user earned for specific stake
function totalPending() returns (uint256) - amount that is waiting to be withdrawn on global level
function getUserStakesAndPendingAmounts(address user)
 returns (
  uint256[] memory,
  uint256[] memory,
  uint256[] memory
) - returnes all user stakes, pending amount for those stakes and deposit time for those stakes
function getTotalRewardsLockedUnlocked() returns (uint256, uint256)
- returnes rewards locked and unlocked
function getStatsForUser(
    address _user
) returns (uint256, uint256, uint256) - returns totalStakedCurrently, totalEarnedForLifeTime, currentPendingAmount

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