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πŸš€Launch a Farm for Your Project

What TokensFarm Includes

  • Smart-contract deployment & Integration

  • Fully customizable farm page design

  • Listing on the TokensFarm Marketplace / Explore section

  • A token-specific dedicated domain for hosting all of the farms

  • TokensFarm expert guide on farms' best metrics & publishing

  • Root smart-contract independent audit

  • Compatible with seven leading wallets, including MetaMask

  • Human-managed support bot for all farms

  • Full QA cycle + Ropsten testing environment

  • Domain hosting + Cloudflare Security

  • Full customer support before and after farm creation

  • Listing of farms on all popular farm aggregators

Launching Process

Farm Extensions

Before a farm ends, a project can choose to extend the farm by adding more rewards. Adding rewards will extend the farm’s duration for a while, depending on the number of tokens added and the farm’s configurations. A project cannot change any other farm parameters following its deployment.

Farm Pricing

TokensFarm offers transparent pricing for all farms and contracts.

Request a Farm or Contract

Fill out the following form for each type of contract you wish to deploy:

Launch an LP farm

Launch a staking farm

Launch a vesting contract

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